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Issue 2, 2008

Starov S. A. Brand: Definition, Essence, Evolution

In the Russian practice of brand management generally accepted norms of professional terminology still finally are not formed. This is witnessed at least by the fact that in the modern literature it is possible to meet simultaneously two ways of spelling the word brand, i. e. and . Likewise in the theory of brand management there exist different interpretations of brand which are sometimes diametrically opposite as regards their content. No doubt it is not so easy to give a clear-cut definition of brand since the notion of brand is multifold. An attempt is made in this article to implement multifold and multilevel approaches to the definition of the notion of brand which would allow to consider not only formal but substantial features of brand. The author explores the evolution of the notion brand to fill it with the new substantial features, taking into consideration changes of the external marketing sphere.

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