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Issue 2, 2009

Verkhovskaya O. R. Factors of the Establishment of the Nascent Entrepreneurship: The Special Features of Russia

In the article are described the criteria of making a decision about the choice of the entrepreneurship as the type of activity. Criteria cover the individual characteristics of personality, such as gender, age, educational level, income level, previous work and entrepreneurial experience, social capital as well as the conditions for the development of environment. On the basis of the project data Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is determined nascent entrepreneurs activity level in 20062007 in Russia. The influence of gender, age, education and involvement into the business society on the entrepreneurs start-up are analyzed. The presence of the connection between the characteristics of the perception of the existing knowledge and skills, the fear of failure, the estimation of the desirable career choice, entrepreneurs status and the entrepreneurial entry are described. Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Nascent Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Entry, Entrepreneurship Activity, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

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