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Issue 4, 2009

Barkan D. J. Marketing Channels in Normal Economic Situation and in Crisis: The Evidence of Empirical Research

This article is devoted to the study of strategic concepts of two Russian large retailers: retail chain 36,6 (pharmaceuticals) and the Lenta company (food retail chain). Strategic concepts are analyzed in the dynamic framework that covers the time period starting from the companies establishment to the development of each of the firms from 2003 to the crisis time of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. The analytical tool of the analysis is the logical model six questions and the source for the empirical information was found in the open-source publications in business press for the same time period. The theoretical basis of the research concentrates on the problem of finding the balance between the growth and development in the form that became apparent in the specific situation of the post-reform Russian economy. Keywords: Marketing Channels, Retail Chains, Strategic Concept.

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