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Issue 2, 2012

Cherenkov V. I. The Competitive Intelligence as a Basis to Form Proactive Marketing Strategies

The competitive intelligence formation and its main toolkit are presented in the article. Subject and method of competitive intelligence as well as its main concepts (such as early warning, blind spots, weak alert signals) are defined. Proactive strategic nature of competitive intelligence and its place built into the strategic marketing management loop are noted. The most important missions of competitive intelligence are defined as monitoring the relevant part of global marketing environment as well as anticipating business risks and opportunities (especially, in the case of innovations). The governing role of specific analytical capacities of intelligence officers given them by God or cultivated in them in special closed schools is found. In conclusion of the article, besides a traditional study findings presented, some data on contemporary state of the Art of competitive intelligencein Russia are given and the upcoming growth of demand on the proper competitive intelligence services and training/retraining servicesis forecasted. Keywords: Anticipating Innovations, Blind Spots, Competitive Intelligence, Early Warning, Proactive Strategy, Risk Management, Alert Signals.

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