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Issue 2, 2012

Zavyalova E. K., Kosheleva S. V., Yakhontova E. S., Kachcharov S. Peculiarities of HRM at Innovation-Active Companies

The peculiarities of HRM in the Russian innovation-active companies are studied in the present article. Approaches of the Russian and foreign specialists to this problem are described. The results of the pilot study of opinions among the top managers of 118 national companies are given, the groups of innovationactive companies (33%) and non-innovative companies (67%) are singled out. The peculiarities of HRM strategy and practices contributing to innovation activity are analyzed. The conclusion is made that there is a holistic strategy of implementing innovative projects in the companies where these projects are realized, including soft practices aimed at forming innovative work behaviour of personnel. Keywords: Innovative Work Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Innovative Activity.

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