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Issue 3, 2012

Gladkikh I. V., Glazunov O. R., Domnin V. N., Starov S. A. Squirrel: Im Here!: Paradoxes of the Brand.

The case study is designed to discuss positioning and promotion of a new brand in a competitive market. The case study is based on the introduction of a new brand of vodka, Squirrel: Im here!, to the Russian market. The launch of the brand coincided with the launch of online social anti-alcohol campaign advertising, based on similar consumer associations with the brand name. The analysis of the reason for the successful brand launch in the absence of advertising costs, including a deep psychological study of the concept of positioning, can be used in the teaching of various topic in the course Marketing. In addition to the issues of positioning, promotion and branding, the case allows to discuss a wide range of social and ethical marketing issues, including the very acceptability of intensifying companies efforts in promoting alcohol in Russia, while the problem of alcoholism among the population is worsening, as well as ethical aspects of marketing technologies, built on the appeal to irrational motives in consumer behavior. Keywords: Branding, Positioning, Vodka market, Internet Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Viral Marketing, Social Advertising, Societal Marketing.

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