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Issue 2, 2014

Zagorskiy A. L., Starov S. A., Gladkikh I. V. Genesis of Private Label Branding Costs.

Accomplishment of steps to create and promote private label often requires significant resource (financial, labor, etc.) expenditure and, hence, engender demand in precise analysis of all kinds of costs necessary to design and develop private label. The need in valid private label branding costs classification become obvious. Such costs classification ought to rely both on the well-founded descripton of branding stages and on the qualification of the basic varieties of private label branding costs. The tasks indicated presume the branding nature as well as branding business process structure and branding stages functional identity to be determined. The scientific tradition to apply function-based approach in similar research situations is expanded in the article with use of process-based approach given the last one is more and more welcome in management studies. The classification of branding stages and private label branding costs is derived by the authors from the combined use of function-based and process-based approaches in management science. Combined use of both approaches mentioned substantiate the understanding of private label branding being the purposeful process dedicated to create, to launch to the market, and to strengthen retailer brand. Keywords: outsourcing, brand, private label, private labels varieties, private label branding, retailer branded goods manufacturer-supplier, private label branding stages, private label branding costs.

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