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Issue 2, 2014

Bikmetov E. Yu., Kasimova E. R., Kuznetsova E. V., Ruvenny I. Ya. The Adapted Business Game in Education of Managers.

Theoretical and methodical questions of organizing of game activity in managers higher education are considered in this article. The role and the place of game activity in the realization of the concept of university as a learning organization are shown. A game expresses the semantic importance of the phenomenon or the process. A business game reflects the economic, managerial and marketing experience of the subjects of modern social and market space. The adapted version of well-known game Mafia is offered for using in the educational process of bachelors of management as a gaming interdisciplinary educational technology. Missions, means, stages and phases of the adapted business game in the educational process are analyzed. Value of a pregame stage, its influence on the process and the result of business game are proved. The conclusion is drawn that personal, business and professional qualities of future managers are being formed and developed thanks to the game methods and technologies that help to realize personally oriented approach to management of education. Keywords: managers education at the university, a personally oriented approach in education, learning organization, a self-optimized model of management of education and self-learning, game activity, understanding and preunderstanding in the game process, the results of the game activity.

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