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Issue 3, 2014

Blagov Yu. E. , Aray Yu. N. Educational Programs in Social Entrepreneurship: International Experience and Russian Features.

The paper provides a review of the international and Russian experience of the implementation of educational programs in social entrepreneurship. The specifics of creation and development of such programs is analyzed, the classification of the programs by the types and forms of implementation is provided. The features of education in social entrepreneurship in Russian Federation are defined. The authors investigate in details the Executive Education Program Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs, which is implemented at Institute Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg State University with the financial support from Citi Foundation. The importance of the accumulated experience for the educating of business leaders at Executive Programs such as MBA/EMBA for the development of the social entrepreneurial competencies required for the creation of shared value is justified. Keywords: social entrepreneurship, business education, education for social entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship education.

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