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Issue 4, 2014

Kazantsev A. K., Logacheva A. V. Innovation Capabilities of Russian Companies: Measurement and Development Management.

The article is devoted to theoretical and methodological aspects of measurement and control of companies innovation capabilities development. An interest to this problem deals with the fact that the methodological aspects of measuring innovation capabilities are poorly developed field of innovation management. Authors used a combinatorial approach based on the resource based view concept, the concept of dynamic capabilities and operational management methodology. The paper presents a review of basic terms and the authors approach to the definition of innovation capability; identified factors that have a significant effect on innovation capabilities of companies. Special attention is paid to the development of indicators system to quantify the level of innovation capabilities and evaluation of innovative resources of Russian companies. Empirical study allowed us to refine the composition of indicators, identify the components of measurement and obtain mathematical models for calculating the integral estimates of innovation capabilities. Practical results of the study allowed to generate suggestions for managing the development of innovation capabilities through a programmatic approach. Keywords: innovation, innovation capabilities, innovation metrics, planning and development of innovation capabilities.

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