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Issue 4, 2014

Antoshkin S. I. Brand Equity: Main Interpretations and the Model of Governance.

Companys ability to create and develop its brand is a very important source of competitive advantage. Despite existence of many papers about branding, there is not holistic brand-management system in strategic view. Different authors pay attention on particular aspects of this process. In many respects it is related to existence of many interpretations of main notions, such as: brand, branding, brand-management, brand equity. In this paper author tries to define, distinguish these notions and represent connection between them. Author makes a point of brand equity management. Its presented the authors brand equity model that reflects interrelations between separate components and effectiveness and efficiency of firm. Its also introduced coefficients and metrics which can serve as tool for brand equity management. Keywords: brand, branding, brand-management, brand equity.

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