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Issue 2, 2015

Kucherov D. G. Strategic Human Resource Management: Development of the Concept in the Stage of Maturity.

The article is devoted to consideration of features of strategic human resource management (HRM) concept development in the stage of maturity. The position of the concept in a labor and human resources fields is determined and the relationship with functional HRM, international HRM and personnel economics is specified. The common attributes which confirm the holistic comprehension regarding the key terms of the concept among foreign scholars are identified. On the basis of the analysis of Russian theoretical foundations in strategic HRM, the strategic HRM practice in 3 Russian corporations (LUKOIL, Russian Railways and ROSNANO) and the results of the pilot research among HR directors from big companies operating in Russian market it is concluded that Russian strategic HRM practice outstrips considerably domestic theoretical research. Keywords: human resources, strategic human resource management, HR strategy, performance.

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