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Issue 1, 2016

Chanko A. D., Petrakova N. N. Problems of Functional HR-Competence Assessment and Development.

This paper reports on a study of the competency approach use for assessment and development of HR-managers in Russian companies, the most demanded functional competencies of these managers, and relevant problems of their professional growth and development. In the empirical research the online survey was carried out in 2014–2015 with 74 employees of HR-departments of Russian companies. To identify the needs of the departments in professional growth and development of their managers, the model of professional competences for assessment and development was developed and then used in the questionnaire. The research showed low level of HR-managers’ awareness of possibility to use competency models for professional development. Competency-based assessment of HR-managers is not wide-spread and is implemented only in large companies. In spite of it, the research demonstrated high value of the functional competencies of both strategic and tactical levels as fields of professional development of Russian HR-managers. The study of competency model use for HR-managers assessment and development in Russian companies was first conducted. Authors were first to propose the three-level model of HR-managers’ functional competencies in the context of strategic partnership which helps to reveal distinctly the need and the requested content of professional development courses in the field. Due to the pilot type of the study, completion and testing of the full version of the model developed as well as verification of the results obtained on the representative sample of Russian companies is recommended. The competency model may be used for the creation of learning programs designed for Russian HR-managers. Conclusions of the research may help to develop practices of competency-based assessment in HR-departments as well as universities. Exploratory empirical research helped to detect the most essential functional competencies of HR-managers as well as problems of their professional growth and development. Studies conducted on the mentioned issues facilitate the development of HR professional communities, and the proposed model draws attention to raising the quality of professional development in the field. Keywords: HR-manager, competence, competence model, strategic competence, level of competence, personal development, personal learning, learning needs.

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