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Issue 1, 2012

Starov S. A., Gabisov A. A., Shostka A. D., Cherenkov V. I. Formation of Balanced Private Label Portfolio for Lenta Retail Chain.

This article is devoted to Lenta retail chains own private (own) label portfolio management. Authors propose methodological approaches aimed at creation of well-balanced structure of retailers private label portfolio. The solutions are based on the David Aakers model of brand portfolio structural analysis, Nirmalya Kumars model of brand portfolio optimization, and Natalia Storozhevas micromodel of assortment optimization. Basing on this theory authors propose practical recommendations for Lentas private label portfolio development. Keywords: Private (Own) Label, Retail Chain, Private Label Classification, Private Label Portfolio, Private Label Portfolio Architecture, Balanced Private Label Portfolio, Aakers Model of Brand Portfolio Structural Analysis, Kumars Model of Brand Portfolio Optimization.

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