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Contents: Issue 1, 2018Изображение обложки

Public Administration

Khadaroo I., Abdullah A. Interests in the Field of Public Private Partnership: Insights from Bourdieu’s Social Praxeology. Summary >>

General and Strategic Management

Revenue Sharing Contracts for Value Chain Coordination: The Case of Motion Picture Industry in the USA. Summary >>

Human Resource Management

Sokolov D. N., Zavyalova E. K. The Integration of Strategic Resources of a Company in the Context of the New Economy: A Conceptual Model . Summary >>


Daviy A. O., Rebiazina V. A., Smirnova M. M. E-commerce Barriers and Drivers of the Russian Consumers: The Results of an Empirical Study. Summary >>

Studies of Contemporary Markets

Kochkina N. A., Shenkman E. A., Gordienko A. S. The Elasticity of Demand for Books: The Research of the North-Western Federal District Book Market. Summary >>

Issues in Business Education

Makarova O. V., Pustovalova T. A. Employing Transfer Prices for Funds Balancing at the Commercial Bank: The Case of Bank Saint Petersburg (Case Study). Summary >>

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