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Issue 3, 2003

Kouchtch S. P., Sachuk T. V., Afanasiev A. A. Company Karelstroymekhanizatsiya: Selection of Marketing Strategy for Company Development

This case presents the problem situation faced by the construction company Karelstroymekhanizatsiya Inc. at the end of 2002 when the company had to select one (or several) segments in the housing construction market of Petrozavodsk (Karelia), to position in the market, and to optimize it's relationships with the main operators of the industry. The case study provides students an opportunity to examine the features of the market, to study market development trends and demand influencing factors, to recognize the main principles for market segmentation and the criteria for the target segment selection, and to improve students skills in defining opportunities for the companys market offer differentiation and positioning in the market.

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