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Contents: Issue 3, 2003

Classics of Strategic Management Theory

Katkalo V. S. The Place of Resource-Based Concept in Strategic Management Theory Development

Prahalad C. K., Hamel G. The Core Competence of the Corporation Summary >>

Grant R. M. The Resource-Based Theory of Competitive Advantage: Implications for Strategy Formulation Summary >>

General and Strategic Management

Shirokova G. V. Approaches to Organizational Changes in Russian Companies Summary >>

Abramkov A. E. Budgeting in Management of Organization Summary >>

Human Resource Management

Latuha M. O. Comparative Research of Employee Recruitment, Career Advancement and Firing in Europe and Russia Summary >>

Problems of Education

Gladkikh I. V. Case Studies as a Part of Business Education Development in Russia Summary >>

Kouchtch S. P., Sachuk T. V., Afanasiev A. A. Company Karelstroymekhanizatsiya: Selection of Marketing Strategy for Company Development Summary >>

Akulov V. B., Starov S. A. Company Arktika: Strengthening Positions in the Market for Ice-Cream Summary >>

Book Review

Kozlovski V. A. To Learn How to Create Effective Production Management (A Critique of Fundamentals of Production Management by Kazantsev A. K., Serova L. S.)

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