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Issue 1, 2017

Tsoi M. E., Shchekoldin V. Yu., Dolgikh I. V. Methodology Development and Implementation for the Estimation of the Brands Personification on the Example of Fashion Apparel Market.

The main purpose of the article is developing and implementation of the methodology for estimation of the brands personification. In the article the concept of the brand personification based on the scale proposed by Jennifer Aaker is represented. Two knowledge sources and methods are combined to derive an original model of brands personification: factor analysis used for latent factors extraction and classification methods (ABC-analysis, analytical method) for correlation matrix reduction in order to improve the interpretational properties of the models built. It leads to single some consumer profiles out for three different fashion brands on the local market. For the purposes of research 300 people living in Novosibirsk at the age of 15 to 35 were interviewed on the issue of each brand (N = 900). The people were familiar with the fashion brands under the study. A remote metropolitan area (Novosibirsk) was chosen as quasi-laboratory setting to estimate the brands personification models. Research limitations of the study are: the necessity to ensure in sample representativeness; the consistency of allocated consumer profiles with real consumer segments; the necessity to fulfil the prerequisites of factor analysis. Moreover, the results obtained for one local market may not be clearly transferred to the other markets. Practical implications: for each brand the diff erent profi les have been formed. It proves the uniqueness of personifi cation models and the necessity of particular positioning for every certain brand. The results reveal the correspondence between the identifi ed consumer profiles and the apparel collections of manufactured brand owners. Keywords: brand, brand personality, consumer profi les, factor analysis, ABC-analysis, fashion apparel market.

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