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Issue 1, 2017

Ochkovskaya M. S. Luxury Brands Consumption: The Segment of Chandlers.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the segment of chandlers to the Russian academic society and to describe the specifics of their contemporary consumer behavior. The term chandler for this study was borrowed from American classical literature and applied to marketing. The study was conducted in April 2016 and comprised of two stages. The first stage was a series of in-depth interviews with seven representatives of the target audience from Moscow. It allowed to formulate the hypotheses which were proved/disproved by these hypotheses during the online survey. 117 relevant respondents were chosen for the study (72 from Moscow, 45 from regional city Ufa). The results allowed to formulate a preliminary conclusion there are no handlers in Ufa now. The most popular luxury brands for the Moscow handlers and specifics of their consumption were determined. This research is the first descriptive step to understanding the specifics of contemporary handlers how they manage to consume luxury in the form of material artefacts and services, while being kept on a shoestring budget. Th e research entails a few limitations. The investigation comprised only a limited numbers of the respondents from Russian cities as Moscow and Ufa. In future, more consumers will be involved in the sample to cover more cities in Russia and respondents from other countries will be included. Upon the research completion a range of the recommendations has been provided to the luxury producers whose brands are already presented in Moscow and also for those who are planning to open their stores there. The results may serve as a guide for marketing tools development in the luxury industry. The originality of the paper lies in the term chandlers segment which is introduced in marketing theory for the first time. Keywords: luxury, luxury brand, star luxury brand, connoisseur brand, authenticity, chandlers, excursionists, collective consumption.

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