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Contents: Issue 3, 2011

New Research

Alexeeva L. V., Berezinets I. V., Ilina Yu. B. Ownership Concentration and Dividend Policy: A Study of Russian Public Companies. Summary >>

Shirokova G. V., Sokolova L. S. Strategic Entrepreneurship: Research Approaches and Russian Practice. Summary >>

Gladkova M. A., Zenkevich N. A., Sorokina A. A. Method of Integrated Service Quality Evaluation and Choice and Its Realization on the Market of Mobile Operations of Saint-Petersburg. Summary >>

Bogomolova L. N., Starov S. A., Sumbaeva A. A. Factors Influencing Consumers Perception of Private Labels-Imitators in Saint-Petersburg: Issues of Investigation. Summary >>

Classics of Management Theory

Blagov Yu. E. Game Ethics and Amoral Business (Preface to the Section).

Carr A. Z. Is Business Bluffing Ethical?

Problems of Education

Gladkikh I. V., Mikhaylina A. P. Kronverk Cinema: How Much is the Ticket to the Movies? (Case Study). Summary >>

Raskov N. V. Express Highway Moscow St. Petersburg: New Management Skills (Case Study). Summary >>


The Summaries of the Fifth International Conference Game Theory and Management.

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