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Contents: Issue 4, 2002

Doctors Honoris Causa of St. Petersburg State University

Katkalo V. S. Professor David J. Teece

Teece D. J. Remarks Delivered upon the Acceptance of Doctor Honoris Causa. July 1, 2002, St. Petersburg State University

General and Strategic Management

Katkalo V. S. Resource-Based Approach to Strategic Management: The Genesis of Main Ideas and Notions Summary >>

Ovsyanko D. V. Contemporary Corporate Governance and the Board of Directors Activities Summary >>

Classics of Management Theory

Druker P. F. The Theory of the Business Summary >>

Greiner L. E. Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow Summary >>

Management History

Blagov Y. E. Alfred Chandler and the Business History

Teece D. J. The Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism: Perspectives on Alfred Chandlers Scale and Scope Summary >>

Problems of Education

Fedotov Y. V., Patokina O. A. Models of Government Officers Education Summary >>

Belyakov V. G. The Course Analysis and Explanation of the Legal Acts and Contracts as a Necessary Part of Management Education Summary >>

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