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Frequency: 4 issues per year
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Contents: Issue 1, 2004

General and Strategic Management

Scherbina V. V., Filonovich S. R. Human Resources Management: Content of Activities and Problems of Development Summary >>

Panibratov A. Yu. MNC Strategy for the Russian Market: Joint Venture Pobeda/Knauf Experience Summary >>

Studies of Contemporary Markets

Merkuryeva I. S. The Impact of Government Policy on the Labour Market Behaviour of Russian Elderly People Summary >>

Baranov I. N., Sklyar T. M. People Behaviour at the Market of Health Services and the Prospects of Medical Insurance Development in St. Petersburg Summary >>

Classics of Management Theory

Shirokova G. V. Building Learning Organizations in the New Society of Knowledge

Drucker P. F. The New Society of Organizations Summary >>

Senge P. M. Building Learning Organizations Summary >>

Problems of Education

Kazantsev A. K., Nikitina I. A. National Training System for Increasing Scientific Qualification: Actual Problems and Development Tendency Summary >>

Novatorov E. V. Some Issues of Training MBA Students at Texas A&M University Summary >>

Book Review

Didenko N. I. The Textbook or the Monograph? (A Critique of International Marketing by Cherenkov V. I.)

Raskov N. V. On the 120th Anniversary of the Present-Day Research. (A Critique of: Railways and Economic Development of Russia by Vitte S. U.)

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