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Contents: Issue 2, 2005


Kouchtch S. P. Evolution of Industrial Companies Relationships with Suppliers Summary >>

Raevskij M. V., Lovcjus V. V., Lovcjus V. S., Zlobina O. A., Mikhailova L. A. Strategic Development of Fashion Retail Objects: The Analysis of the Adaptability of Concepts Summary >>

General and Strategic Management

Shirokova G. V. Management Stereotypes and Organizational Life-Cycle Summary >>

Sofronova O. B. Foreign Management Technologies Adaptation in Russian Companies Summary >>

Udovichenko O. M. The Internal Control and Audit Systems Functioning in Information Economy Summary >>

Human Resource Management

Soltitskaya T. A., Zhang Bo. The Personnel Management System in Modern China Companies Summary >>

Zhao Hui Jun. Perception of Glass Ceiling and Justice of Employees Promotion Procedures at Chinese Enterprises Summary >>

Information Management

Golubeva A. A. E-Government: Introduction to the Problem Summary >>

Classics of Management Theory

Drozdova N. P. Scale and Scope: Life and Work of Alfred Chandler

Chandler A. D., Jr. The Enduring Logic of Industrial Success

Problems of Education

Gladkikh I. V. Methodology of Case-Studies Development

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