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Contents: Issue 4, 2006

Financial Management

Volkov D. L., Berezinets I. V. Value-Based Management: Validity Problem of Accounting-Based Valuation Models Summary >>

Kotelkin S. V., Kuzovlev A. A. Specifics of Short-Term Investment in Multi-urrency Environment Summary >>

General and Strategic Management

Shirokova G. V., Kozyreva T. P. Comparative Analysis of Problems at Different Stages of Organizational Life Cycle Summary >>

Latuha M. O., Zhang Bo. Organizational Culture of Chinese Companies and Its Influence on HR Models Summary >>

Studies of Contemporary Markets

Rassadina I. I. Peculiarities of USA Labour Market Summary >>

Classics of Management Theory

Andreeva T. E. The Role of G. Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions Concept in Modern Management Science: Preface to Classics of Management Theory

General and Strategic Management

Hofstede G. Motivation, Leadership, and Organization: Do American Theories Apply Abroad?

Materials of Scientific Seminar

Andreeva T. E., Chaika V. A. To the Discussion of the Essence of Dynamic Capabilities Summary >>

Storchevoy M. A. Some Doubts on Dynamic Capabilities Concept

Verkhovskaya O. R. Dynamic Capabilities of the Firm: What is Necessary to Be the Capabilities?

Problems of Education

Kazantsev A. K., Serova L. S. Organizational Management Simulation: Business Computer Games Development Experience Summary >>


On the Anniversary of Professor N. V. Raskov


International Conference Integration of Theory and Practice of e-Government and e-Learning Based on the Information and Communication Technologies

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