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Contents: Issue 1, 2006Изображение обложки

General and Strategic Management

Shirokova G. V., Serova O. Yu. Organizational Life Cycle Models: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Investigations Summary >>

Skripko L. E. Designing Process Quality Management Models Based on ISO 9001:2000 Requirements Summary >>

Filatov D. V. Using Elements of the Stakeholders Theory in the Management Summary >>

Classics of Strategic Management Theory

Katkalo V. S., Loukashevich V. V. The Strategic Theory of the Firm and the Neoclassical Scientific Instruments: The Uncertainty as a Way towards the «Order». (Preface to Classics of Strategic Management Theory)

Rumelt R. P. Towards a Strategic Theory of the Firm

Wernerfelt B. A Resource-Based View of the Firm Summary >>

Human Resource Management

Zavyalova E. K. Leadership, Guidance, and Personnel Management Role Structure in the Organizational Practice of Russian Enterprises Summary >>

Denisov A. F. The Competence of the Expert as the Key Factor in an Estimation of the Personnel Summary >>

Contemporary Business Environment

Loukashevich V. V. The Fifth Enlargement of the European Union as the Challenge for the Business in Russia Summary >>

History of Business

Beliaev S. G. Russian Business Entrepreneurship in China in Late 19th — Early 20th Century Summary >>

Problems of Education

Soltitskaya T. A. Business Education for Adult People: Methodical Aspects Summary >>

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