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Frequency: 4 issues per year
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Contents: Issue 2, 2010

General and Strategic Management

Laptev Yu. V. Growth Strategies of the Russian MNCs: The Crisis Test. Summary >>

Shatalov A. I. The Interrelation between the Business Model and the Firm Performance (Based on the Russian Companies of the Food Service Industry). Summary >>

Quality Management

Gladkova M. A., Zenkevich N. A., Berezinets I. V. Model of Product Quality Choice and Internet-Trading Case Study. Summary >>

Financial Management

Garanina T. A. Intangible Assents and Intellectual Capital: The Role in Value. Summary >>

Public Administration

Sokolova E. V. Approaches to the Creation of the State Innovation Policy. Summary >>

Problems of Education

Bukharova E. B., Vitkovskaya L. K., Eliyasheva M. I. The Experience of the Creation of Managerial Multilevel Educational System at Siberian Federal University. Summary >>

Blagov Yu. E. Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenges to the Management Education. Summary >>

Udovichenko O. M. Profitable Non-Profitable. Product Line Segments Reporting (Case Study). Summary >>


XI International Conference Public Sector Transition: Management in Turbulent Times.

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